We’ll start with a complimentary telephone session. During this time, we’ll chat briefly and I’ll collect some basic information from you such as:  

  • Your biggest challenges, whether it’s lack of space, too much stuff, or items not having a designated home

  • Project type ( room, closet, office, garage, moving, etc.)

  • Your situation (moving, general paring down, or specific goal)

  • State of the area to be organized (clutter level): Slight / Moderate / Too much stuff

  • Schedule in-home consultation 

Let's get started


During the in-home consultation, we’ll walk through your home together to clarify which areas you want to be organized and which ones are a priority. Here are some of the items we’ll plan together:


  • Storage availability/potential.

  • Your specific organizing preferences ( items out in the open or stored away)

  • Working alongside together / Me working alone / assigning small homework assignments for you to complete on your own. ( this is both a time saver and money saver)

  • Your budget

  • Time frame for completion



At the end of the in-home consultation, I’ll provide you with a written estimate of time and costs for the project. I’ll also provide a written service agreement that will outline and detail all aspects of your specific organizing project. Our final step will be scheduling a date to get started!



Let's get started on your project!