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 Welcome to a judgment-free + confidential service. We start with a complimentary 30-minute telephone session to answer all of your questions.

less clutter. more freedom. true bliss.

My Services

True Bliss Organizing is dedicated to helping you get organized, and teaching you ways to stay organized. We offer customized solutions designed to help you clear the clutter and regain control of your home, sanity, and quality of life. If you're feeling overwhelmed by too many items taking up space in your home, or you're tired of spending countless hours looking for misplaced items, it's time to let us help! 

Home Organizing

Closet Organizing

Office Organizing

about me

Hi! I'm Barbie Wells. I've been organizing my entire life. Even at an early age, I found myself putting my books in alphabetical order,  lining up my stuffed animals, and making sure my clothes were put away. I loved having a neat and orderly room.

As an adult working in both the legal and banking world for many years, I found that my organizing skills enabled me to do each and every job quickly and efficiently, because I was organized.

I started my organizing business with the goal of helping others create organized spaces that bring simplicity into their lives. The best part of my job is getting to know my clients, and taking the time to understand what will work best for them.


My business is based on 3 simple principles. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. I strive to be a helpful resource for my clients, as well as showing them how to apply these principles in their everyday lives.

I'm a proud member of ASPO, the American Society of Professional Organizers and I'm dedicated to helping my clients find peace and serenity in living a more organized life.

Let's find your true bliss.


Barbie at true bliss organizing was a fantastic source of inspiration and energy when I was making the transition from a married woman to a divorced woman. Her kindness and especially her hard work have helped me reclaim my spaces (kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, along with many smaller projects) and I feel calm and at peace in my home. I've recommended her to many friends & family and she has come through every time.

Debi - Home Organizing Client

Barbie has been such a fantastic help to me. I moved my office and she came in and organized everything beautifully. I can give her general instructions, and she can then just "take it away." She doesn't have to be supervised to complete a project. I love walking into my new office and seeing that everything is logically and efficiently filed and placed.  Also, when things start to get a bit out of control, Barbie will come to my rescue.  Barbie is not only great at what she does, she's also a truly kind and sweet person. She's a pleasure to work with and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Shelley - Small Business Client

Every time I put something away there's s second thought about the best place to put it! My pantry still looks fantastic and I've finally gotten used to the method behind the organization. Whenever I can finally sell my home and settle into a new place, I look forward to having Barbie come and help me get the new house organized right from the start.

Kim - Home Organizing Client


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